This is when I first noticed the swollen bottom lip on Oliver. Yes it is very minimal but I could tell it wasn't like that before....

Ok so now I will tell you the steps I took with each of these products.

I feed Oliver 1/4 cup of dry food (Simply Nourish Kitten Blend) 


1 tea spoon of Organic Coconut Oil

1/2 capsule of L-Lysine so 250 MG

Cut open 1 capsule of the Omega-3 and put a couple drops in his food, about 4-5 drops

Mix it all around until all the food is covered and give it to your fur baby twice a day, Morning and Evening. 

Colloidal Silver Gel 1 pump applied directly to swollen area and chin about 2 times a day. 

Now this worked for my fur baby but I recommend seeing your vet and following their suggestions before taking things into your own hands, ask your vet about the natural products Ive suggested and see what they say...Then again they are natural and I doubt could hurt. 

Hope this helps!


This is almost 2 weeks later. After 1 week on antibiotics and progressively getting worse. He started to develop yellow puss pockets on either side of the red swollen area in the middle. I stopped the antibiotics and started the natural products I got for him from the health food store.

Olivers Branch

Oliver Gets A Swollen Lip, Find Out How I Made It All Better! Naturally!

A little over a week ago I noticed my cat Oliver had a swollen bottom lip. It wasn't very swollen just a little bit. I wasn't too concerned until I noticed it getting more swollen as each day passed. I tried to do some research online to see what it may be. The majority of articles I read stated this was a very common condition that cats get, Causes were unknown in most cases but usually from some sort of allergy (plastic, food, insects, etc.) I had no idea what he could be allergic to since I hadn't changed anything in his diet, I used the same food since he was a baby, don't think he got bit by anything as he's an indoor cat only and he didn't have fleas which apparently they can be allergic to as well. The articles I read also suggested changing his food bowls from plastic or ceramic to glass which I did and nothing changed. I sprayed the house with a flea spray to kill any fleas/ bugs that could be in the house..His lip still didn't get better. At this point I was frustrated. So after about a week I took him to the vet. The veterinarian didn't even know what was wrong! For something supposedly so common my own vet had no idea what it was...Frustrating! She prescribed Oliver antibiotics which I got filled at Walmart for $4...Yes Walmart fills vet prescriptions for cheap. Gave him the antibiotics for a whole week and his lip didn't get better AT ALL, it seemed like it got much worse even faster. After feeling like I read the entire internet and every article possible on Oliver condition I found nothing. However my Wanna be doctor mother ( I say that in the nicest way) found an article that another women posted as to how she naturally healed her cats swollen lip. So my amazing mother ( Olivers Grandmother) Went out and bought all the products needed for him to get all better. And it worked! Hooray!! Find out below what I used as well as Photos of Olivers' progress.