My beginners apartment patio garden. I have some herbs like Thyme and Basil. Vegetables such as JalapeƱo, Cucumber, And Tomato. And I have a cute succulent! This small garden was so easy to start! I bought the Dollar seed kits at Target in the dollar section but they can also be found in the gardening section in the back of the store. They literally cost $1.00/ Each. Then I bought these plastic pots from Home Depot ranging in sizes according to the potential growth of each plant. Prices from about 2.50- 4.99 each. Bought a bag of Miracle Grow soil from Home Depot and followed the instructions on the seed packets for planting and Voila! The Cucumber has grown like crazy! This is only about 2 months of growth. My tomato and basil are struggling but there coming along. 

Olivers Branch