Baby Blankey! But not babies using them (cause thats normal) Adults using them!

Olivers Branch

Ok everyone this week I am sounding off about something that is very personal to me. Many, if not most of you, probably won't have a clue what Im talking about and will be weirded out by what your about to read. You may even think "there's something wrong with this chick!". Im asking that you read this with an open mind and see the deeper side to this rather than just the visual appearance of this habit..."Ok what is she talking about?!"

I have a baby Blankey! What I should really say is I have a habit that started from a very early age (birth) and it involves a baby blanket...

The most embarrassing part! I have a blanket that has soft silky edges and I rub the silk on my chapped lips, while sucking on my tongue, and I scratch the silk with my cuticles and hangnails! There I said it! I only know personally one other adult female who does this which of course made me a feel a little less freakish. To be honest Ive never really been that embarrassed about it. Now that I think about it a lot of my viewers probably don't think this is that weird...Everyone has a blanket or stuffed animal or favorite pillow that they have to sleep with blah blah blah...K this is where it gets weird! I take my blanket with me EVERYWHERE! In the car everywhere I go. Even if I'm running out to the grocery store, I bring my blanket in the car and I have it in my lap while I drive with one hand and scratch on it with the other hand. I of course bring it on vacation, to my friends house for movie night, even to the movie theatre (I wait for the lights to go out before I take it out) I carry it around the house with me. It definitely is not restricted to just my bed at night time.

I blame this on my parents who allowed me to keep this blanket for so long and to not have it be restricted to just my bedroom at nighttime. I have to give them a lot of credit though. They tried VERY hard to stop this habit. My whole family did in fact. I remember growing up (even still now) my family would hide my blankey from me and not tell me where it was and when I was younger I would scream and cry and beg my mom to yell at everyone and force them to give it back to me! I would actually panic when it was taken from me. As an adult of course I don't scream and cry when people play tricks and hide it on me...I just get very serious and say "give me my blanket RIGHT NOW..." that usually does the trick. LOL! 

The weirdest part about this habit is I'm not attached or sentimental to the actual blanket itself, Infact over the years I have replaced my original baby Blankey with new ones over a dozen times. Every couple years once Ive scratched to shreds the current blanket I replace it with a new fresher one. Which let me tell you, It can't be just any kind of silk. Now a days a lot of baby blankets with silk edges are very stiff silk almost starchy of some sort. Its very hard to find the ones with soft silk that is scratchable and catches on my nails. 

Ive never really met any one who had a big problem or was so weirded out by my blanket that they didn't want to date me or be my friend. I would gradually introduce the blanket to them and they would warm up pretty fast. Now I think everyone who knows me doesn't even really notice when were sitting on the couch having coffee and conversing and I'm rubbing my blanket on my lips LOL its just apart of me! Its like a limb on my body... My husband at first thought it was weird I don't think he has ever seen an adult with a blanket but he warmed up quickly and now he just calls me a weirdo every now and again and he makes fun of the way I look when I am sucking on my tongue and rubbing my blanket on my lips. LOL its not a very cute face but thats because I'm in my happy place. It didn't keep him from marrying me. Sometimes its funny when were laying in bed and I have my blanket on my lips and he tries to kiss me goodnight but the blanket is just snagging so good on my chapped lips that I don't want to be interrupted by a kiss like UGH! and he has to force the blanket away from me to steal a kiss. We laugh cause thats just how ridiculous it is. 

What my blanket does for me is the reason why I have had this unbreakable habit for so long. Its my stress reliever, my calm me downer, my safe place when I feel anxious, mad or sad. It really can be likened to a drug. Instead of using drugs to heal my headaches or anxiety, I just sit down with my blanket and it immediately calms me down. It helps me sleep at night (I cant sleep without it). Also like a drug, If I go too long without it, I get irritable and cranky, I get a headache, a dry mouth and just down right miserable! 

I don't know If ill ever be able to detach myself from my blankey or if the habit will ever go away. But I also don't know If I really need to detach myself. I don't feel like it gets in the way of me being able to live my life as I have a very happy life. I get to travel a lot, I go out and do fun things, Im not missing out on or being deprived of anything that most people get to do. And if my blanket helps me with obstacles in my life such as anxiety and sadness and it brings me comfort than I will take my blanket over cocaine or any other drugs that many other people rely on to help them cope with anxiety and stress. 

I wanted to tell everyone about my blankey because I know it is different. Its a unique and possibly strange habit. But I want to bring awareness to my situation or even just teach you something you have never heard or experienced. Or maybe your just like me! which would be nice #adultblanketsanonymous