Olivers Branch

I created this blog as a channel to express myself. My hope is that people who visit my site gain something...anything, whether it be beauty tips, gardening ideas, home decor inspiration or even just some good ole' entertainment at how ridiculous you may think I am!

I have always considered myself to be a very creative person, But unfortunately being a creative person has its challenges. I describe myself as someone who often starts things and doesn't finish anything (anybody relate?) I have so many dreams and aspirations that I want to chase all at once and if something doesn't give me instant gratification (which Ive realized NOTHING brings instant gratification! aargh!) then I quit and become all hopeless and depressed and feeling like I can never accomplish or do anything. I start jobs and after a couple weeks I get bored with the job and end up quitting. I do a great job but the jobs don't usually keep my attention for very long. Uh-oh isn't this called ADHD? Lol. Not funny thats a real problem and in all seriousness I think I may have this condition, although it has never been medically confirmed. Any who! Like I was saying... I have commitment issues ok!

School was always hard for me growing up. I was a very smart kid but did terrible in school. Flunked every course! I really don't know how I got my High School Diploma. Then I thought, I want to be a hairdresser! So I went to Cosmetology School. Did terrible at the Theory Part, but I was the best in the class when it came to the practical part! Thats what really matters right? Knowing how to DO it, But not the text book way of DOING it? Never the less I graduated Cosmo school being the best in my class except I can't work in a salon because I flunked the State Board Exam. SWEET! (flushing 16 grand down the toilet...). 

Im an all in kind of girl. When I do something...I go all the way! Your probably thinking that this statement clashes with what I originally said about not being able to finish anything blah blah blah....Let me explain. Example: A friend ask me to go golfing. I've never golfed in my life but sure I'll go golfing with you. Im also going to go to the sporting goods store and buy an entire set of golf clubs and golf balls, golf gloves cause thats what the pros wear. A rainbow umbrella hat, Golfing shoes, golf shorts, golf shirt, golf bra....EVERYTHING GOLF! then Im going to go golfing with my friend for about an hour because after about the first hour of anything Im Bored...Shock. Then I go home and put all my new golfing stuff away in the garage and never see it again. Spent $500.00 on golfing gear that Im going to use once and sell for $10 at my garage sale 3 years from now. Im sure if their are any husbands reading this your thinking "thank god that isn't my wife!" first off why are you reading my girly blog?! And secondly, thats exactly how my husband feels. 

What else can I tell you about me? ... Explore my website and you are sure to find out more!